High-end porcelain stoneware slabs AZUL MACAUBAS.

High-end porcelain stoneware slabs AZUL MACAUBAS.

📅17 Gennaio 2019, 12:04

The sand and the sea meet in the new Azul Macaubas introduced at Cersaie 2018 by Fiandre, FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti and Ariostea of the Iris Ceramica Groupholding.

Brushes of intense blue intertwine with soft pastel streaks following rules of unpredictable beauty as in a painting created by nature. 
Azul Macaubas reproduces the illustrious original quartzite stone from the Brazilian province of Bahía in high-end porcelain stoneware slabs.

High-end porcelain stoneware slabs AZUL MACAUBAS

Harmonious veins, like the marks left by the water digging into the rock, convey a remarkable three-dimensional effect to the surface which is reminiscent of places of natural charm.

Azul Macaubas is available in 300×150 cm large size slabs and sub-multiples, and in polished and satin/silky finishes.

The special texture of the streaks and the fusion of various shades of dark blue, light blue and white make Azul Macaubas elegant yet bold, perfect for floors and interesting also for designer furniture, accessories and walls.
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