BeLike by Iris Ceramica.

BeLike by Iris Ceramica.

📅08 Febbraio 2020, 18:03

Iris Ceramica BeLike is a 60x20cm wall tile that combines a rich palette of pastel colors with a gloss or matte finish.

Comprising 4 warm shades, Cream, Peach, Sienna and Umber and 4 cool shades, Shell, Azure, Marine and QueenBlue, BeLike features a wide range of striking 20x20cm decor tiles which match and offset each other, bringing the wall to life and creating a seductive ambiance with a nod towards the far-flung Orient.

BeLike Iris Ceramica rivestimento in semigres

Patch decor tiles are inspired by the Japanese repair technique kintsugi which repairs fragments of broken pottery with gold. On dark or brown backgrounds, or delicate florals, interwoven, random gold lines catch the eye, creating fractured geometric patterns on the exquisite surfaces.

Border decor tiles, immediately recognizable by their neutral perimeter edging, frame each color with an almost cloudy effect, reminiscent of offshore light and shadow.

Irregularity and variation are at the heart of BeLike, the striking Iris Ceramica collection which celebrates fascinating imperfection.

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