On/Off Multibrand Fashion Store in Shanghai.

Progetto Multibrand Store ON/OFF Shanghai

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Designed by Studiolite, ON/OFF is a multi-brand store focused on young fashion designers, situated in a prominent position within Shanghai’s Bund Finance Center.

The design aims for a trendy, artsy experience through elegant spaces enlivened by a whimsical collision of colors, materials, and lighting celebrating the inventiveness of new fashion.

Progetto Multibrand Store ON/OFF Shanghai

Interwoven curves dance throughout the store, bridging surfaces and generating a sense of flow. Light embedded in the swooping metal structures, and textural differences in materials form a constantly shifting succession of visual layers.

The plan and storefront are divided into smaller, distinct zones; each corresponding to a specific atmosphere and product type. This changeable geometry engenders dynamic relationships and views at every turn.

Progetto Multibrand Store ON/OFF Shanghai

A clear color palette contrasts sharply with dramatic bursts of color, all combining into a vibrant mosaic.

Terrazzo, marble and other more sensual materials are used in select locations. Details recall a gallery, referencing a diversity of movements, from constructivism, to abstract and pop art.

The inner storefront of the store appears as a smooth, porous surface containing displays, forming a playful relationship between interior and exterior.

Progetto Multibrand Store ON/OFF Shanghai

Near the arched entranceway, a mirrored half-sphere rotates, offering tantalizing glimpses of the interior, and reflecting the surroundings. To the far right, a vortex of LED screens forms a tunnel-like pop-up zone, arousing the curiosity of passers-by.

A customized, modular furniture and hanger system allows infinite possibilities for creative product display in each zone. Meanwhile, in the back of the store, a more intimate bar area offers breathtaking views of the Bund and Shanghai’s iconic skyline.

As one moves through ON/OFF, each element contributes to imbuing a continuous sense of surprise and discovery, channeling Shanghai’s youthful spirit and vitality.

Progetto Multibrand Store ON/OFF Shanghai

Location Bund Finance Center – The Bund, Shanghai, China
Design Studiolite
Area 240 sqm
Team Jessie Cui, Alex Sadeghi, Chen Ling, Shanshan Jiang, Yangyang Yu, Angel Wang, Kevin Niu, Tu Yun, Yangyang Chen
Photos courtesy Sensor Images


Studiolite is a multidisciplinary design firm based in Shanghai lead by Sino-Swiss trio Jessie Cui, Alex Sadeghi, and Chen Ling. With a focus on innovative crossover design, Studiolite’s works range from urban renewal and architecture, to interior design and installation art.

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