Cara Mela a bicolour Pastry Shop in Madrid

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Cara Mela pastry-shop designed by architecture and interiors studio Casa Antillón comprises two opposing spaces luminously lined with tiles.

“From the beginning, we had a vision of a spatial cascade of rooms separated by colour-contrasted openings on the walls,” explain the studio.

Cara Mela a bicolour Pastry Shop in Madrid

Upon entering the pastry shop, which is located in Madrid’s Chamberi neighbourhood, , customers are welcomed into an all-white room.

The space is dominated by an angular stainless steel unit, incorporating a high counter where customers can stand and eat, a handwashing station and a glass display case that shows off Cara Mela’s sweet treats.

This first room narrows slightly before opening up to reveal a seating area at the back of the shop. Casa Antillón nicknamed the two spaces like the different phases of a heartbeat – systole and diastole.

Cara Mela a bicolour Pastry Shop in Madrid

“Systole and diastole are the heart’s movements of contraction and expansion,” add the studio. “For us, it refers to this spatial game where one space contracts and drags the visitor in, while the other expands letting the same visitor relax in the lounge.”

The rear room was finished entirely in a rich sea-green hue save for the steps leading down into the space, which are clad in white tiles to create the impression of the front room “spilling” into the back of the shop.

Dotted throughout the space are a few wriggly-edged tables balanced on slim metal legs, which are also sea green.

Right at the back of the room is a small window that looks through to the kitchen. Its ledge and inner frame are coated in a glossy, bright-red paint reminiscent of caramelised apples – one of the most popular offerings on Cara Mela’s menu.

The same shade of red was also applied to the shop’s front door.

Cara Mela a bicolour Pastry Shop in Madrid

Location: Madrid, Spain
Architecture Studio: Casa Antillón @casantillon
Photos courtesy: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)
Client: Cara Mela
Model: Daria Etma
Stylist: Anna Pandozzi

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