AA+A Architects signs the interior design of SOS multibrand store

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In the middle of  Megabangna, one of the biggest shopping malls in South East Asia, SOS multibrand fashion store took the place to reveal the products of enthusiastic online fashion branding under the consensual femininity.

The space designed by AA+A architects is arranged in a typical fashion rack which created the round circulation to access and explore effectively.

The SOS multibrand store designed by AA+A architects

The architectural elements covering with white texture paint to create a simple background that raises the diversity of product displays.

The 8 big brand walls where the display was designed by the brand as their theme. In the middle of the store, the main cloth rack combined two contrast materials, brown wood material covering the outer surface of the rail which is made of stainless to create the harmonization of warm and cold material.

In addition, the accent of the feminine was represented by a variety of marble patterns spread into the furniture around the store. The bag and shoe shelf was designed in chromium stainless steel which is indicated by the marble.

The SOS multibrand store designed by AA+A architects

The cashier counter emphasizes the attraction of pedestrians by the large artificial skylight which could draw the attention by walking pass the store or after completing the shopping time. The fitting room is placed next to the cashier with the arc door shape in dark brown wood colour.

The full-body mirror accommodates every corner of the cloth lack around the store to experience the feature of appearance easily. Under a neutral atmosphere, customers will experience and explore the products comfortably by their sense of style.   

Location: Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan, Thailandia
Area: 178 sqm
Design: AA+A Architects
Interior construction firm: Bangkok flip decoration
Photos courtesy: VARP

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