Raslila Boutique designed by Kefi Design Studio

Kefi Design Studio progetta la Boutique Raslila

Located in Pune, India, the 84 sqm boutique designed by Shilpa Agarwal of Kefi Design Studio embraces materiality and a minimal colour palette to create an intimate sensory experience.

Raslila Boutique designed by Kefi Design Studio

Inspired by the idea of self-reflection, Raslila features a myriad of textures which  include fluted wall panels, and mirrors with their golden accents that dominate the interior walls to augment the superb shades of the designer wear.

Terrazzo flooring from FCML in hues of white, grey, brown and green blankets the majority of the floor including fitting rooms, in matching colours to add a softer touch to the space. Overhead lighting throughout was subtly concealed behind a gridded, drop ceiling that creates a contemporary and modernist look while also adding a contrasting textural quality.

Raslila Boutique designed by Kefi Design Studio

At the centre, the arch area is entirely fluted in white and illuminated with neon strips and features a display of mannequins highlighting the exclusive range of clothing.

Casual-wear and Heavy Lehengas are displayed either side of this central axis, hung from floating horizontal gold steel rods that help to divide the space with the backside corner done in brown tinted glass and profile shutter by Recucina.

Raslila’s ready-to-wear collections were displayed on gold-finished clothes racks in front of windows while accessories were placed across window sides facade display. The simple decor of white walls and gold racks let the products take centre stage. Contemporary furniture was combined with gold accent pieces throughout the store.

Raslila Boutique designed by Kefi Design Studio

The facade is made in harmony of materials: fluted panel sheets, gold finish signage with greens all around and profile lighting that highlights the extent of its proportion. It’ll ensure that the store remains immersive, rich and a treat for the senses.

Location Pune, India
Area 84 sqm
Design Firm Kefi Design Studio
Designer Shilpa Agarwal
Photos courtesy The Kuber

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