Spacemen designs the first physical experience store for Clef, a new beauty brand.

first physical experience store for Clef

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Ethereal Cave

Spacemen designs the first physical experience store for Clef, a new beauty brand.

The Ethereal Cave is a homage to the brand’s very first product, their signature facial sheet mask, interpreting it into space, rhythm and texture.

The three dimensional curved surfaces made by soft white layers of fabric hung side by side create a monochromatic environment that is transportive and away from the familiar. These soft delicate weaves take inspiration from the silk fibres that make up the construction of the sheet mask products.

As visitors enter the space, they are enveloped by these rhythmic white surfaces that blurs the boundaries of the walls and ceiling. The sleek and precise lines emphasizes the signature Clef product design language. Moreover, the use of a muted material palette of blinds and terrazzo flooring allows the wide range of product series which are in different colors to standout. The gentle layers of the blinds appeals for visitors to touch and feel it.

Clef first physical experience store

The interplay between the minimal aesthetic and the fluid free-flowing form of the blinds transforms the space into an unexpected environment creating a holistic and ethereal expression for Clef.

Client: Clef Skincare
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Area: 60 sqm
Design: Spacemen Studio
Lead Architect: Edward Tan
Team: Edward Chan, Raymond Tang, Phyllis Zhang Photos courtesy: David Yeow Photography

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