The restyling of the Particolari Semplici boutique

restyling boutique Particolari Semplici

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Particolari Semplici is a boutique where everything revolves around the user. A sartorial backdrop, where the sum of the details makes the difference.

The restyling of the Particolari Semplici boutique

In Casoria, in the Neapolitan area, the restyling of the Particolari Semplici boutique is the occasion for tailor-made research, which the young architect Carmine Abate skillfully sews on the client, demanding and attentive, leaving nothing to chance.

Inside, the square meter centers are perfect, refined and comfortable as in a modern boutique.

“My first request was to want the boutique that was the same as my home“, says Roberto Neri, owner of the well-known clothing store in the Neapolitan town, music lover, DJ in his spare time, collector of “fashion” pieces as a hobby.

And that’s how the restyling is based on this specific request. The architect Carmine Abate, previously commissioned for the renovation of the house, adapts the same materials, shapes and scenes to the Particolari Semplici boutique. The installation of posters by the Neapolitan artist Alessia Acampa, are the most evident sign of this link between home and boutique. “NoBoringThings”, literally “No boring things”, are unique and non-reproducible paintings, handmade by Acampa herself, through the collage of vintage and non-vintage magazines.

Architect Carmine Abate restyling of the Particolari Semplici boutique

Completely tailor-made, the store is designed to perfection by the architect Carmine Abate, who carefully mixes the pieces that the client has sought, satisfying taste, memory and fashion touch.

These are pieces that I found by scouring the internet or thanks to friends. With the passage of time I realized that they are pieces that acquire more and more value“, says the client, “while others, have only a purely affective meaning, remind me of childhood.”

A boiserie in gold-dyed strips and mirrors envelops the dressing rooms: a succession of reflections and effects of I see and I do not see. The columns covered in lacquered mdf and slabs in “panda white” marble. The paint used for painting the walls is Sikkens water enamel. The floor is made of resin.

Architect Carmine Abate restyling of the Particolari Semplici boutique

Particolari semplici by Roberto Neri
Location: Casoria, Naples, Italy
Area: 100 sqm
Designer: Architect Carmine Abate
Building company: Giuseppe Sollo
Photos courtesy: Carlo Oriente

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