QDS Studio unveils Pinalli’s first flagship store, an immersive hub in the heart of Milan

QDS Studio firma il primo flagship di Pinalli, un hub esperienziale nel cuore di Milano

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Lombard-based design firm QDS, specializing in interior design, sign the architectural concept for Pinalli – Italy’s leading platform for beauty and body care product distribution, located in the shopping district.

The company’s inaugural flagship spans over 250 square meters and is housed in a historic 20th-century building on Corso Buenos Aires. The interior spaces have been meticulously crafted to convey and enhance Pinalli’s core principles, presenting a more dynamic, authentic, and distinctive image, while upholding established values of expertise and innovation.

Pinalli's new brand identity

Captivating design and innovative technologies

The new Pinalli space, designed by Architects Marco Fabris and Alessandro Rigamonti, co-founders of QDS Studio, is envisioned as a unique and engaging experiential journey. Customers will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the brand, to live its values, and to experience products or services in a context that transcends mere physical or functional attributes. Through intricately designed atmospheres, captivating aesthetics, and the incorporation of innovative technologies, the flagship store aims to captivate visitors’ attention, forge an emotional connection with the brand, and stimulate their curiosity and exploration.

The Pinalli flagship store seeks to be much more than a conventional retail space; it is an immersive venture into the realm of retail architecture. Our aim was to create an environment that not only captures the aesthetics and essence of Pinalli but also imparts a sense of well-being and inclusiveness,” states Marco Fabris, Architect and partner at QDS Studio. “Clean lines and the skillful use of materials converge to establish an ambiance that inspires tranquility and confidence. Every detail has been thoughtfully considered to ensure that the spaces foster interaction, exploration, and immersion in the products and services offered.”

Pinalli's first flagship store in the heart of Milan

Pinalli’s new brand identity

A preview of the interior is provided by the four display windows along Corso Buenos Aires, featuring impactful displays and LED walls, which will showcase dedicated installations. The creative use of light and color is a fundamental design principle of the concept: each experiential and exhibition area is identified by the hues of Pinalli’s new brand identity. Customers are guided through their shopping journey via strategic use of color, which plays a pivotal role: from the green of sustainable products, to the yellow of fragrances, to the pink of makeup, and the turquoise of skincare. At the heart of the store is the “Gallery Beauty Hub”, a succession of illuminated arches covered with iridescent surfaces where the references of emerging brands will be displayed, an innovative project that allows Pinalli’s micro-brand partners visibility in an important showcase such as Milan C.so Buenos Aires.

QDS Studio unveils Pinalli's first flagship store, an immersive hub in the heart of Milan

The makeup area occupies a significant portion of the store: customers will have access to individual makeup stations to independently test all products or seek assistance from makeup artists.
At the conclusion of their in-store experience, customers will have the opportunity to participate through a contest in a revamped Pinalli edition of the plinko game.

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