HSJ Jewellery Flagship Moradabad, India

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HSJ is a jewellery flagship store dealing in luxury for multitude recently opened in Moradabad, India.

One of its kind in the city, sprawled over 12000 sq. feet, the store has been elegantly designed by a team of designers lead by Deepak Kalra of M/s Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra.

Situated in a city known for its metal handicrafts and high Islamic and Mughal influence, the designers were inspired to create a store that was contemporary with a local flavour using Islamic orders, geometries and patterns. Result was a modish design appealing to a wider audience including niche clientele.

HSJ jewellery flagship store

Elements with detailed Mughal craftsmanship are fully captured and used to create an environment that leaves people awestruck. The interiors see a rich use of coloured steel, mirror, marble inlay works and heavy fabrics.

Every product has been given a special display infrastructure and environment suiting the product and client profile. Each of the three sections of the store-silver, gold, diamond/designer jewellery are thus guided by a carefully chosen colour scheme.

HSJ Jewellery Flagship Moradabad

Shades of browns, reds and burgundy highlight the gold section whereas the diamond section sees the predominant use of blues and greys. From the outside the building was intended to evoke a feeling of a vault like solidity and impenetrability

HSJ jewellery flagship store

The façade makes a bold statement with a silent interesting surface detailing combined with stained glass doors almost 30 feet high which form the main focus from a distance. Texture and colour pallet used was typically Islamic with emphasis on blues, green and gold.

Furniture Credits I’m The Centre for Applied Arts
Photos courtesy Ankush Maria

Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra

is a design studio based in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, India. The studio consists of a young and energetic team eager to explore design by a multitude of means. As a practice, they are determined to get out there and explore rather than staying in a creative cocoon. Their philosophy is based on responses to nature, resources and the ever-evolving being.

Leader in the field of Design, since 1979. The partnership practice is based on the expertise of Mr. Ravish Mehra and Mr. Deepak Kalra, architects with over 35 years of involvement with creating built environment, structures and interiors for commercial, business, industrial, hospitality, residential.

Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers

Built on the foundation of trust, purity, and traditions since 1893, Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers is a brand that exudes grandeur. The opulent-yet-subtle designs express a refreshingly different aesthetic. The determination and the extensive trade knowledge to deliver the best experience possible have created a special aura around the HSJ brand.
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