TUX Agency and Point G make delicious dreams come true.

Progetto di interior design per la Pasticceria POINT G di Montreal

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TUX Agency was commissioned to translate the evolution of Point G’s brand image into a seductive new touchpoint, a unique place of discovery and sensory experience for visitors.

Point G (French for G Spot) is a foodie’s delight, a gourmet haven recognized across North America for its heavenly macaroons. Thankfully, for Montrealers, it also has a storefront on the city’s popular Mont-Royal Avenue.

TUX Agency and Point G make delicious dreams come true

Within a restrained space of just 90 sqm their colourful variety of macaroons blooms, spreading its joy across a sober white countertop. Inspired by the macaroon itself, both through its shape and festive nature, the boutique features a range of bright roses and rounded materials.

The experience begins the moment the visitor sets eyes on the storefront, with its landmark fuchsia-pink facade and golden entrance that beckon visitors within, while freeing up window space and ensuring a clear view to all that awaits.

The circular display case overlooking the laboratory at the rear of the boutique offers a rewarding and elegant focal point, with a message of craftsmanship, quality and refinement.

The products themselves are small, presented in unique ways, but in a dazzling display of quantity, variety, flavour and colour. The design leverages the impact provided by the effects of gradients and circular shapes.

New to the boutique: a coffee-tasting corner that opens onto the window, providing breadth and visibility to the depth of the limited space, while creating a hub of activity at the front of the store, enticing the curious.

TUX Agency and Point G make delicious dreams come true

For TUX, size is not an issue. The design process remains a long journey, one that begins by fullly understanding the essence of the brand, created by one person, its founder, and the inherent value of the macaroons themselves. The design process is also about enhancing the location and its potential, optimizing every corner and streamlining operations, while adapting to time, space and budgetary constraints to create a truly delicious dream come true.

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