Ergonomic and eco-sustainable furnishings for the pharmacy of the future

Icas arredi ergonomici ed ecostenibili per la farmacia del futuro

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Icas s.r.l since 1960 he has created furnishing concepts for points of sale, transforming the simple drawer into a piece of furniture.

AXON Arredi ergonomici ed ecostenibili per la farmacia del futuro

Icas products are ergonomic and eco-sustainable and already in the eighties the company replaced iron with aluminum and paid great attention in the design of the furnishings to how to make them easily recyclable and disposable after use.

Perfect for pharmacies, optics and beauty shops, Icas furnishings, in particular the latest lines of AXON LX 6.0 and Axon LX 7.2 furniture systems, can also be used for private homes.

AXON furnishing systems

Axon LX 6.0 is an innovative system ideal for walls, showcases and separation of display areas, with the possibility of inserting glass or wooden shelves and adjustable drawer units in the supporting structure and fits easily and elegantly into all architectural situations. Axon LX 7.2 is the innovative complete system for pharmacy-interiors.

Extremely light, all in aluminum with a cross structure, Axon LX 7.2 has a wide range of accessories from colored or transparent glass tops to category holders, blister holders, drawers and a large variety of shelves.

And precisely on the evolution and changes in the Pharma world, we asked the opinion of Umberto Cabini, owner of Icas S.r.l. and President of the ADI Design Museum Foundation.

 “The pharmacy has been hit by the changes caused throughout the Retail by the pandemic, it has had to guarantee different uses at the same time we think of the tampons, in some realities even the vaccination point this has impacted on the layout, for example with the need to differentiate where possible inputs and outputs , in my opinion it will evolve more and more to be a health point by expanding the services offered. At the assortment level, the proposal of other categories such as beauty, aesthetics, wellness and lifestyle consultancy will continue, not only for the new needs of consumers but for changes in the ethical drug market. The pharmacist will have to evolve in his professionalism. The pharmacy of the future will surely use digital technologies more and more to offer personalized services and solutions to patients and users with special needs. The attention to sustainability, of which we have been forerunners since the 1980s, will remain an important lever for customers and brands. We will continue to accompany these changes with the constant research of products and lines. “

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