Mark Gonzales Pop-Up Store in Seoul

Pop-Up Store Mark Gonzales

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Mark Gonzales, a street fashion brand, has opened a pop-up store in one of Seoul’s busiest areas, Seong-su district.

The project executed by NiiiZ Design LAB implements the fading away stories of everyday life into the pop-up store visuals.

Pop-Up Store Mark Gonzales

The staff sought to interpret the brand’s identity through everyday spaces such as game arcades, small markets, auto repair shops and car washes.

The designer’s bold intentions are visible from the façade. A wide-scale wrapping used for cars envelops the exterior of the building.

On the ground floor of Mark Gonzales pop-up store, the design concept is based on everyday space, particularly a small auto repair shop and car wash.

Design elements were implemented in machinery brushes found in car wash and tools, which humorously incorporated using only yellow, a signature brand color of Mark Gonzales, to express the concept.

Pop-up space on the first floor can be accessed only through the ground floor, the room vividly shows the brand concept by utilizing a street vibe and the incline of the skateboard track, which is the main motif of the brand.

Additionally, props such as street sign-inspired hangers and the ramp normally referred to as a pipe, were combined with street paintings. Also, items like steel grating often seen on sidewalks and sewer covers were incorporated to depict the brand’s freedom and street culture mood.

Mark Gonzales, founder of the brand of the same name, is American renowned worldwide skateboarder and a free-spirited artist.

Pop-Up Store Mark Gonzales

Location Seoul, Republic of Korea
Area 310 sqm
Design: NiiiZ DESIGN LAB / Sung chul Park, Areum Han
Design Team: Soo Jeong Lim, Solzy Maeng
Construction Firm JHD / Woon bong Jang, Jun ho Seo
Photos courtesy  Studio Gothic / Jae Sung Lee. Tak Hyun Kim

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