Arquitect Contract signs the Stecco Jewelry project in Vicenza

corretta illuminazione in gioielleria

Stecco Jewelry represents one of the landmark shops in the heart of the historic center of Vicenza, Italy. Overlooking the magnificent Piazza dei Signori -the main square of the town-, it is part of a prestigious circuit of historical shops dedicated to offering objects and products of excellence to visitors and tourists. The particular visibility of Stecco Jewelry is emphasized by its corner position, characterized by windows on both facades, making it a distinctive attraction in the framework of the city’s historic center.

Arquitect Contract firma il progetto della Gioielleria Stecco di Vicenza

A modern jewelry store

Recently, the ownership undertook a store renovation project with the aim of presenting a more contemporary image and optimizing the display of the products on sale. To realize this vision, they entrusted the design and implementation of the new interiors to the Arquitect Contract studio based in Vicenza. Arquitect Contract, led by architects Luca Biancoviso and Carlotta La Jacona, specializes in interior design and exhibition architectures for companies and stores, with a particular focus on the jewelry and watchmaking sector at both national and international levels.

The acceptance of the assignment by the two architects was motivated not only by the required professionalism but also by the uniqueness of the occasion. The location of jewelry store, in fact, was previously occupied by the La Jacona architect’s family business, making the assignment a unique opportunity for a juxtaposition of architectural realities that are simultaneously new and familiar.

Scelte progettuali per Gioielleria

Design concept

The target set for the renovation of the shop included expanding the internal space dedicated to customers and improving the display of jewelery. The design concept led to the decision to replace the existing horseshoe-shaped display counters with a more elaborate display system. Specifically, a full-length display counter was designed on one side, winding its way until it seamlessly merged with the cash counter. On the opposite side, a wall display cabinet was incorporated, enriching the wall and leaving the central space free for circulation.

“Canes” decorative motif

All the furnishings are characterized by a “canes” decorative motif, achieved through grooves engraved with a bespoke profile, framed in chrome-effect profiles, and emphasized by wall washing light that gives the room a contemporary and distinctive appearance.

decorazioni a cannicciato

On the wall opposite the entrance, nature-patterned wallpaper in soft colors has been applied, works as a scenic backdrop for those entering, covering both the wall and the furniture, visually merging into the floral design. This chromatic and decorative choice, that combined swith the white and green lacquering of the furnishings, creates a warm and elegant atmosphere, accentuated by ambient lights that enhance the sense of welcoming that architects wanted to give to the project.

Lighting plays a significant role

A relevant technological aspect concerns the lighting sector, crucial in the specific context of jewelry where correct lighting plays a significant role. For the display windows of Stecco Jewelry, Arquitect Contract, known for its meticulous choices in lighting technology, designed and supplied a dynamic white LED lighting system that can be remotely controlled through a mobile application, allowing differentiation of up to 11 distinct display areas.

come illuminare le vetrine di una gioielleria

Each of these areas can be illuminated with color-changeable light, adjustable from 2,500°K to 7,000°K, enabling customization of the displays based on the product display. This offers a wide range of options to enhance each piece of jewelry to its fullest potential.

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