Customizable lighting installations

custom-made installations ORI by ITALAMP

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ITALAMP launches new Kaleido Book, an inspirational collection of custom-made installations to shape new ideas and translate them into light

ITALAMP, a historic company in the Made in Italy lighting industry, presents KALEIDO, the new book that collects suggestions and ideas for creating customizable lighting installations.

The naming, evocative and precise, immediately states the concept of the new catalogue: fascinating and surprising compositions, constantly changing like light, like the kaleidoscope, are born from the aggregation of eclectic glass elements.

11 glass and ceramic elements are the protagonists of the book-Lila, Pluma, Neda, Sella, Reva, Flora, Ori, Alyssa, Marina, Dalia and Lisia their names – a series of nature’s symbols that depict free movement in space by characteristic or vocation, sometimes propelled by the wind, sometimes carried by the current. The idea of lightness and fluctuation creates an original and unique overall vision, like a work of art. The organic forms of each component are inspired by the plant and mineral world and they also echo its color palette where shades of vibrant brilliance are juxtaposed with more neutral tones.

Light is the absolute protagonist

KALEIDO is the expression of ITALAMP’s craftsmanship and it materializes the most ambitious visions into true custom-made design installations, where light is the absolute protagonist. The endless customizations come from the possibility of combining, within the same composition, different elements with a defined personality, all characterized by different colors and materials.

Customizable lighting installations by ITALAMP

Murano glass and ceramics are the interpreters through which the company expresses its profound know-how: traditional glassmaking techniques, the protagonist of Dalia and Flora, are accompanied by new experimental approaches such as those obtained in Ori on ceramics with the polished sputtering technique.

Customizable lighting installations by ITALAMP

Dalia, featured at the Downtown Dubai fair, represents an enveloping, pointed leaf wrapped around itself to protect the flower it houses. Its shape is achieved through the hand-pulling of cast glass using special pliers, the still-warm glass is then shaped in order to create its characteristic concave and welcoming shape. The more sinuous shapes of Flora, inspired by the petals of exotic flowers, are obtained instead by pressing the cast glass to define the streaks on its back.

In Ori, inspired by the traditional art of origami, the geometric shapes of folded paper are enhanced by precious finishes that give expressive power to the white ceramic and make it an eye-catching element.

Customizable lighting installations by ITALAMP

The perfect solution for each project

KALEIDO is a hymn to creativity, the book aims to be a concrete tool at the service of design, both for the professional target (architects and interior designers) and the final client. The goal is to give shape to ideas and to interpret contract and residential spaces from an exclusive perspective.

In the creation process everything is managed in synergy with the client, in complete collaboration, from the idea to the first sketch to the choice of elements and colors through a 360° personalized approach. The focus is to find together the perfect solution for each project, indulging through the excellence of Made in Italy desires and inspirations.

“With KALEIDO we have created an extraordinary proposal. Craftsmanship, visionary design and emotional light come together in each element” comments Andrea Carollo, Sales Director of the company. “It is a project that fully embodies our identity and that we present with great pride to international markets. Our strength is translating emotions and imagination into highly functional proposals that already characterize the most exclusive contract spaces as well as the most fascinating residential environments”.

Adds Francesca Fascina, Head of Marketing and Communication & Export Manager: “The collection represents our attitude towards design, the art of knowing how to shape glass and with it light. Thanks to Kaleido we can participate in the design of the project from the early stages and explore new creative scenarios”.

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