Democratic Italian restaurant Tartufo Trattoria, Lviv, Ukraine.

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Democratic Italian restaurant Tartufo Trattoria is located in the heart of Lviv, on the third floor of the Forum Lviv shopping center.

Trattoria Tartufo  interior design by YOD Design Studio E

Such location greatly influenced the concept of the interior. YOD Design Studio architects, involved in the project affirmed that: “We decided to move away from the classical and usual perception of Lviv, having left only the materials strongly connected with the spirit and mood of the city. Brass, white marble and oak appear in the interior with a modern twist – without decorative carving, monograms and facets.”

Restaurant space is divided into three parts: the main hall with an open kitchen and a bar, a lobby area in the food court and a spacious summer terrace, overlooking the rooftops of the old city. In the area of seating arrangements all spots are interesting and comfortable as possible.

There is a long communal table in the middle of the hall, which allows some joyful company of 10 people to fit in perfectly. The tabletop is made of solid wood and total weight about half a ton. There is an open kitchen in the middle of the hall. Such solution allows not only watching the eminent chief during the working process, but also it increases trust of guests to the restaurant.

Trattoria Tartufo  interior design by YOD Design Studio

The highlight of the establishment appears to be Stefano Ferrara wood-burning stove made of stone in which the real Italian pizza is baked. Visual accents are placed by means of individually developed elements of a decor and lighting.

Unusual spaghetti lamps made of modified oak veneer and designed by the industrial designer Andrey Galushka hang down from a ceiling. Contrast to these light and bright “spaghetti” make the massive concrete lamps developed by the Ukraine artist Katerina Sokolova.

One of the walls of the main hall has the Tartufo trattoria logo laid with round logs. These logs are mounted on the pins in a special niche looking like a storage area for firewood. Another interesting idea is implemented in the anteroom. Here there is a washstand in the form of a silo for grain storage and when a visitor puts hands to an opening, the water starts flowing instead of flour or grain.

Trattoria Tartufo  interior design by YOD Design Studio

Making these simple solutions, choosing such colors and finishing materials, the atmosphere is classic Italian trattoria. The entire restaurant is filled with warmth and coziness. Here you can relax with the whole family, as well as enjoy a taste of real Neapolitan pizza and relax with a glass of good wine on the picturesque terrace.

Designers YOD studio of commercial design
Graphic design Ilya Nepravda
Location Forum Lviv, Ukraine
Area 350 sqm restaurant, 400 sqm summer terrace
Photos courtesy Andrey Bezuglov
by AN shopfitting magazine no.132 ©