When natural stone becomes ceramic, it can meet the many needs of contemporary life.

gres porcellanato French Mood Supergres

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When natural stone is combined with the perfection of ceramic technology, the result is a timeless material where the material is the protagonist.

Supergres chose 4 different natural stones found in France and Belgium and faithfully copied their looks, their shades of colour and every single detail, recreating them using the latest generation porcelain stoneware, maintaining the original colour and characteristics of each type of stone.

When natural stone becomes ceramic, it can meet the many needs of contemporary life.

French Mood reproduces 4 natural stones with different aesthetic and chromatic properties (beige Burgundy, ivory Burgundy, Pierre Bleue, and grey stone quarried in the Ardennes), for a porcelain stoneware product offering a superior technical performance, and a practical and functional surface that is not affected by the passing of time.

Supergres has reproduced two different Burgundy stones from different quarries using porcelain stoneware, reproducing every single detail of the patterns and all of the fossil elements that are a typical feature of the stone, making it in two different colours: ivory (Chalon) and beige (Saint Denis).

This «classic» yet transversal and versatile stone is surprising in how easily it can furnish modern and contemporary rooms. In order to recreate pierre bleue (Reims) Supergres faithfully copied every single detail of the characteristic patterns of this famous Belgian stone, which gives any room an unmistakable Nordic mood. The fossil elements and gentle shading create extremely natural and contemporary patterns.

The last stone chosen comes from quarries in the Ardennes and typically comes in a variety of different patterns and bold colour tones, full of shading and pattern details, in grey (Cluny). The gently textured surface underscores the depth of the pattern.

gres porcellanato French Mood Supergres

French Mood is a modern reworking of reclaimed French stones, combining tradition and a contemporary mood to adapt perfectly to any type of context. It is ideal for use as a floor or wall covering, inside or outside, and guarantees architectural continuity from the indoors to the outdoors.

A modern and practical surface that is resistant to wear and foot traffic, unaffected by the passing of time: the ideal solution for commercial spaces too, where good looks have to match the technical performance of porcelain stoneware.

Material  porcelain stoneware
Colours Cluny, Reims, Chalon, Saint Denis
Surfaces  natural R10, textured R11
Sizes  60x120RT,75x75RT, 60×60 RT,30×60 RT

Ceramiche Supergres  produces floor and wall coverings for middle-to-high range residential buildings, divided into porcelain stoneware floor tiles for outdoor and indoor use and white-body tiles for kitchens and bathrooms.

The company is part of Concorde Group, the second-largest ceramics group in Italy and one of the most important internationally. This gives Ceramiche Supergres access to the results of cutting-edge research and to major investments that allow the company to create successful products by applying innovative solutions to technology and design.

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